Full Time Ministry

This past Saturday a memorial service was held in honor of the life of Karen Minor, the aunt of our son-in-law Matt. Our daughter shared with me that the sanctuary was filled to overflowing and that it was the most meaningful celebration of life she had ever witnessed. Karen was a wife and mother who put her ministry to her family first. The exceptional aspect is that she made everyone feel like family!

When our daughter moved out to the Seattle area, Karen and her husband took our daughter’s family in their home for three months while waiting for their household goods to arrive from Hawaii. Once, when my husband and I visited, we were included in a family gathering which involved folks from three continents. She loved cooking foods from various countries, but food from India was especially enjoyed since she grew up in India with her missionary parents and sisters.

Karen’s life impressed me because she elevated the calling of being a wife and mother by her love and devotion to her family. One had the sense that she felt her work was a high calling which she embraced with joy. One of her sons shared at the service how blessed each of the four children has been by having Karen as their mother. I was reminded of Proverbs 31: 28a “Her children arise and call her blessed.” Karen had been a nurse and with her husband had served in sort term missions, most recently in Haiti, yet our daughter shared with me that the part of her life most evident at the service was her love for God which she shared so freely with family and friends. Karen lived as one serving in full-time ministry to her family and all those around her.

As mothers of young children, you will be pulled in many directions. Sometimes the pull comes from within – “am I doing all I should to serve God?” Sometimes it may come from well-intentioned people you fellowship with who want you to “teach this class” or “sponsor the youth group”. These may all be important and valuable opportunities to serve, but are they more important then serving your husband and children?” You may be tempted to feel guilty about saying “no” yet you shouldn’t.  I am saying that your full time ministry as a wife and mother is just as meaningful and valuable to our Heavenly Father as being a children’s Bible club leader, teacher, or nurse in a  foreign country.  There may be times that you are called to lead a Bible study etc. but there are two questions you need to ask yourself first:

1) Am I where God wants me to be?

2) Am I doing what God wants me to do?

These are questions we each must ask from time to time. Sometimes the answers are very obvious. If I am married and have children, I must be a wife and mother. If those conditions no longer apply, then I must ask God what His will for me is currently.

Matthew 25:21 says

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

God is calling each of us to faithfulness. In this verse Jesus is teaching His followers that we are to be faithful with what the Master (God) gives us. As mothers of young children – you have a high calling and a full time ministry!

4 thoughts on “Full Time Ministry

  1. Hannah says:

    Very good, Momma. And we were just talking about this in BSF this morning about how in Acts chapter 6:1-7 about how the apostles asked the crowd to appoint seven men to do the hand labor of “serving tables” and making sure the widows were being fed. The apostles knew it was an important job but they didn’t have time to do it and they felt that their time was better used preaching and teaching. I have said no to several requests for extended help the past year or so and my family and my husband have reaped the benefits of a less-distracted, better housekeeping (still have a lot of improvement in that area!) mom!


  2. Kathy Carroll says:

    Hannah, I sure esteem this post by you & your Mom. Wife & Mom comes first! Bottom line. Thank you for sharing and also about Karen. She was an amazing example.


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