Sharing the Blessing – Beautiful Momma Award

Victoria, who writes the blog Homemaking with Heart about natural and purposeful living nominated Our Father’s Daughters for the Beautiful Mama Award. I was blessed since I have enjoyed reading her blog so much. She shares encouragement to young mothers and is in the midst of raising little ones herself. Her lovely pictures add so much to her blog.

I started Our Father’s Daughters after a dear friend and Bible teacher challenged our home group to be intentional about “making disciples”. My heart was to share with young women the blessing of motherhood – something that is not always valued in our culture. Our youngest daughter suggested a blog – which she then helped me set up. ( I could barely use e-mail – so that was an accomplishment)

Our three daughters all have young children now, eleven total, and they are the inspiration for what I write. I am constantly blessed and amazed by their commitment to this highest of callings….being “beautiful mommas!”

Three things I love about motherhood are:

  • The joy of seeing the image of God reflected in each child
  • Recognizing God’s faithfulness – how He uses challenging (even hurtful) circumstances to further His purposes
  • Laughter – children are so funny! (this is true from birth to 35!)

I would like to nominate the following Mums for the Beautiful Momma Award. I read these regularly and have enjoyed their blogs. – This blog is written by a mother who is passionate about sharing the Truth! It is well researched and has great information to share with your children about God’s creation. – This blog is written by a mother of four sons who is also a lawyer  – now staying home with these sons. She shares insight as a mother of sons with humour and evident love. – this blog is mentioned above.

One thought on “Sharing the Blessing – Beautiful Momma Award

  1. Valerie says:

    You sound like a wonderful mother! The three things you love about motherhood are such blessings. ❤


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