Our Inheritance

great-grandpa and caleb

“Look, a worm, Great Grandpa!”

My father turned 90 years old Saturday and our family gathered to celebrate. What a joyous time we spent recalling family stories and memories of times past! We sang around the camp fire and my brother and I played guitar together like we used to when we started playing around 1968. (my brother has since gone on to become quite an accomplished guitarist and studio musician as well as a singer songwriter. I, by contrast, still play just as I did in the 60’s and 70’s – I just know more songs)

We gathered from North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, including 3 children and 3 spouses, 7 grandchildren and 5 spouses, and 12 great grandchildren, some aunts and several cousins.

We laughed a lot and ate a lot and took lots of pictures. It will be fun to look back on these pictures and remember the details of what is now somewhat a blur of activity.

Yet the overwhelming sense I take from this past weekend is one of gratefulness for a father who exemplifies the faithful love of our Heavenly Father.

What an inheritance!

Proverbs 13:22a Amplified Bible says –

22 A good man leaves an inheritance [of moral stability and goodness] to his children’s children,

Amen! Our families are certainly reaping the benefits of that blessing.

Happy Birthday, Dad – and may you be blessed just as you have blessed us.

4 thoughts on “Our Inheritance

  1. Julia Rhode Jacobs says:

    This was so wonderful to read!
    Julia Rhode Jacobs


  2. gloria says:

    Gayle, I can only imagine the precious time your family had together celebrating your Dad & family. Talk about being the right kind of rich! I love that you have such a grateful & appreciative heart. God Bless!


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