About Gayle Woody


I am first and foremost a daughter of my Heavenly Father.

By His grace, I am also a wife, married 41 years to Phillip Woody.  I am a mother of one son and three beautiful daughters.

Those daughters and their husbands have blessed our lives with 12 grandchildren.

I hope, through this blog, to pass on to other women thoughts on being a daughter of our Heavenly Father. I have experienced God’s faithfulness through the 65 years I have been blessed with so far.  Much of what I know has come from mistakes I have made and from God’s grace in covering my sin.  My prayer is that God will use this effort for His glory and to further His purposes in the daughters He loves so deeply.


We live in the Great Smoky Mountains – the most beautiful place on earth. This is Pinnacle Peak – our home is below and to the right.


4 thoughts on “About Gayle Woody

  1. Patti Snyder says:

    Gayle, you’re the best! I just love your blogs and find them encouraging every time! Thanks! Patti


  2. Hi Gayle, I have nominated you for a Beautiful Mama Blog Award. Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me. I wanted to encourage you back. 🙂 – Victoria
    PS. have a read of my latest post and see what you think.


  3. Thank you so much! I tried to pass the award on and I am not sure I was successful.


  4. Stephanie Campbell says:

    Gayle, a contemporary way for “elder to teach the younger” and the not so younger (me). I enjoyed reading “Contrast.” Thank you for sharing.


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